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Sculpting/Microcrystalline Wax

Type Info, Quantity & Prices
  Color Box Size Price per pound
Victory Brown

Chocolate Brown Not Available Not Available
IGI 5799

Yellow 55 lbs. case Out of Stock
W-445, Witco

White 60 lbs. case $2.50/lb.

Spru Wax

Type Info, Quantity & Prices
  Type Shape Price per pound
1 inch

Cored Rod Square $4.30/lb.
3/4 inch

Cored Rod Square $4.45/lb.
5/8 inch

Cored Rod Square $4.50/lb.
5/8 inch

Solid Rod Square $4.10/lb.
1/2 inch

Solid Rod Square $4.16/lb.
3/8 inch

Solid Rod Round $4.75/lb.
5/16 inch

Solid Rod Round $5.15/lb.
1/4 inch

Solid Rod Round $5.10/lb.

Other Sculpting Waxes

Type Price
Red Wax

Sticky Wax


To place an order please call us at 617-268-4455

620 South St., Holbrook, MA 02343
Phone: 617-268-4455
Fax: 617-268-9636