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Candle Gels

Type Quantity & Prices
(prices are in dollars per pound, one drum weighs 360 lbs.)
  25 lb. Bags 1-4 Drum(s)
C Mp
(medium density, 5% scent)
$2.75/lb. Please Call for Price

To place an order please call us at 617-268-4455

Candle Gel Instructions
  1. Cut the gel out of the drum with a sharp knife (if you have ordered gel in bags/boxes, proceed to step 2).

  2. Place the gel into an electric melting pot with a temperature control. NOTE: Presto makes a 6 quart pot with a temperature control that sells for under $30.

  3. Heat the gel to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (~121 degrees Celsius) and keep the gel at this temperature until it appears clear.

  4. Allow the gel to cool to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (~93 degrees Celsius) and add any desired color and/or fragrance. NOTE: You should use liquid candle dyes, however, some candle makers have succeeded with dye chips.

  5. Pour your candle with the gel between 180 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (~82 to 93 degrees Celsius). NOTE: If you pour the gel in layers a few minutes apart, you can avoid a well in the top as the gel cools.

  6. If you are going to embed items in the gel, they have to be clean of all residues. This is especially true of sea shells. If you wash the items to be embedded in warm mineral oil (baby oil) it will not only keep the gel clearer, but it will help reduce the air bubbles in your candle.

  7. Wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax will make your gel cloudy and sticky. Make sure that your wick is not wax coated.

  8. Be sure to use a wick with a core. Cotton or metal is okay. You should use a wick one size larger than you would for a comparable wax candle.

  9. C Lp (low density) gel is the easiest to use and it holds 3 to 5% scent.
    C Mp (medium density) gel is slightly harder to use as it is more viscous (thicker, more syrup-like) when melted, but it holds 5 to 6% scent.
    C Hp (high density) gel is much harder to use as it is very viscous when hot. It holds 7 to 8% scent, and is designed for embedding particles.

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