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Candle Additives

Type Quantity & Prices
(prices are in dollars per pound)
  Less than 35 lbs. 35 lb. box 10 bags (55 lbs. each)
Stearic Acid

(Witco 5016 candle stearic)
$1.75/lb. $1.50/lb. Call for Price
Non-animal Stearic

(Witco vegetable base)
Out of Stock Out of Stock Call for Price
Vybar 103

$4.00 $3.60 Call for Price
Vybar 260

$4.00 $3.60 Call for Price
Paraflint H-1

$3.00 $2.75 Call for Price
AC-6 A Polyethylene

$4.00 $3.60 Call for Price
Elvax 210

$4.00 $3.60 Call for Price
  • Note: We package most candle additives into 35 lb. boxes with a plastic bag inside for easy UPS shipment. We do not recommend shipping bags by UPS. Bags shipped by truck travel best in quantities of 10 or more when we package them together into a pallet container. This avoids leaks due to tearing.

To place an order please call us at 617-268-4455

620 South St., Holbrook, MA 02343
Phone: 617-268-4455
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